Option #1

Wood edge tops
These tops have a 3/4” solid wood edge applied to the front edge. This
edge Can have different edge profiles (bevel, bull nose, roman ogee ).
Also this Edge is repairable if you get a scratch or nick in the edge. You
can stain the Front edge to match you kitchen cabinets or floor. This
edge will Have some maintenance . Every  5 to 7 years you will have
to reseal the front Edge. Like a normal laminate Top the backsplash
can be either loose or coved.
See “THE BACKSPLASH” page for More info.
wood1.jpg wood2.jpg Custom Edge Tops
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Here at countertops & Cabinets Inc. We offer three different custom
edge upgrades. These tops are  different from self edge tops in that
there is a separate, pre-manufactured strip of beveled laminate ,wood
edging or crescent round edge applied to the front. By upgrading
your countertop edge you will be giving it a seamless or stone look.

Below are the two different edge upgrades we offer.
Option #3

Crescent edge tops
A Crescent Edge invites the eye and warms up decor with soft curves at
top and bottom. A Crescent profile is the perfect finishing touch for
your countertop, reflects your personal style, and can coordinate with
other details from your home’s decor. It’s a beautiful look on a modest
budget, a choice that feels as smart as it looks. If you really want to
make your top look like a stone or Solid surface top we can put this
edge on top of  the backsplash.

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