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Customer Expectation Sheet—Solid Surfacing

Solid Surface is an extraordinarily versatile surfacing material which offers a host of benefits in performance and aesthetics with incredible application and design flexibility. It is solid, renewable, and when applicable, may feature inconspicuous seams. Applications for solid surface are extremely far reaching. Traditionally, the largest market for solid surface is kitchen countertops.

Attributes of Solid Surface:

Non porous - resists bacterial and fungal growth Non porous - Easy to clean and "refresh" Strong & tough to resist heat, stain and impact. Easily cleaned and maintained Class I fire rating NSF approvable for Food Contact (must specify) FDA approvable for Food Contact (must specify) Easily shaped by woodworking tools Inlays and thermoforming are possible Unlimited Design Potential Unlimited Color and Textures

Solid surface can be precisely cut and bonded to fit nearly any surface shape. It can also be routed for decorative edging which can be applied with specially formulated adhesives.

Since the material color is consistent throughout the product, scratches, chips and stains can be sanded out "refreshed" when they occur.

Please refer to the following guidelines with regard to your solid surface counter top.  Please refer to your manufacture care guide for additional maintenance and warranty information.  

1. Satin finish is standard on all solid surface counter tops unless otherwise indicated.

2. Avoid sliding hard objects across these glossy surfaces.

3. In solid surface, dark colors show scratches and mars more easily than the medium to light colors.

4. Solid surface materials in a high gloss finish will require additional care and maintenance.  Make sure to place felt protectors on the bottom of pottery or other hard objects.  This finish may/will include hiring a professional to refinish the surface.

5. If splash is requested, the default style is a set-on splash 3” high.  Coved splashes are available at an additional cost.

6. Solid surface products can extend approx. 12” as an overhang before additional support is required. We can provide support materials that fit under the countertop for overhangs over 12” if requested.

7. Seam locations will be at the discretion of CounterTops & Cabinets, Inc.

8. Seams in solid surface products are warranted to be inconspicuous, not invisible. Some colors do not seam as well as others and it is very difficult to minimize the appearance of the seams in those colors.

9. As walls are rarely straight, we caulk behind the backsplash using silicone caulk. As it is very difficult to get paint to adhere to silicone, we recommend that you or your painter go over the silicone with paintable latex caulking.

10. High heat can damage this product.  We recommend the use of a trivet when using crock-pots & skillets.

11. Do not cut directly on counter tops.  Always use a cutting board.

12. Never stand on your counters.

13. We also recommend running hot water into the sink prior to dumping hot water into it.

14. Avoid harsh chemicals such as drain cleaners and paint removers.

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