Post forming simply means that laminate is heated and bent around a
curved particle board to produce a seamless front edge, countertop
and backsplash. This provides the look of solid surface with no seams
to collect dirt and grime. And, our one-piece countertops are easy to
A rounded edge is comfortable to
lean on, as well as being less
prone to nicks, water damage, and
delamination. This advantage
sometimes makes having the
Mitered seam worthwhile. Machine
Made tops are like the ones you’ll
find in a Home Center store,or
lumberyard. In comparison to more
customized tops their Positive
aspects are thatthey are inexpensive.
The material used to make them is
Sometimes thinner, the wood is from
inexpensive stock. If you have a “L”
or “U” shape top there will be seams in the corner. You will see and feel
the seam.These tops are limited in both sizes and  design. These tops
come in 8’,10’,12’ lengths.If you are looking for a top that will serve a
limited purpose,or you need a "temporary" top on your cabinets then
post form tops are the best choice. Click on the buttons below and
see specs and pictures of the different edge details.
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Post FormTops

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