Plastic laminate tops are fairly inexpensive when compared
to many other types of materials .Plastic laminate tops can
be made in many styles, while maintaining cost efficiency.
High pressure laminates are relatively tough and durable.
Although susceptible to knife cuts,scratches,nicks and heat.
With care plastic laminate can last 5-20 years. If properly
maintained plastic laminate creates a clean work surface.
also plastic laminate come in a variety of colors and textures.


Laminate countertops are laminate to a wood sub-straight, because
of this laminate can be bent or curved with certain restrictions.
As a result certain edges and back splashes can be cove,
but complex layouts of cove laminate sometimes is not available.
If the surface of the laminate top is scratched, nicked or burned it
can not be easily repaired. It is not a renewable surface. As a
result great care must be taken to maintain its beauty. also when
ever laminate is seamed to create a edge, a black line will show on
the edge. This is unavoidable.
Pros/Cons Laminate Tops

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