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A Square edge top is where laminate is glued on a inch and half  medium
density Fiber board (MDF). The front edge is glued first, then the top is
Applied. Making this type of countertop you will see a brown line on the
front edge.

Laminate comes in standard sizes the biggest being 60” by 144”. If your
top is bigger than the laminate there will be a seam in your top. Seams are
usually placed in the sink or cook top area.The corners can be radius or
square.Normally  all outside corners will be radius.
While a laminate countertop is strong, it can be scratched, cut, or chipped,
especially on its edges. Knives or sharp utensils can slice or scratch the
surface, so use a cutting board to chop and slice. Abrasive items can
scratch the surface, so placemats are recommended to keep the
finish fresh.

Certain chemicals can stain a laminate surface, especially inks and dyes.
Laminate can also be scorched or separate from its substrate if exposed to
temperatures above 150 degrees Fahrenheit. To protect against damage,
place hot pans or dishes on a trivet or hot-mat.

Laminate cannot be repaired. Some third-party seam-fill kits may make
damage less noticeable cannot completely repair a piece that is damaged.

Below you will find information on different options of  square edge tops.
Option #1

Square Edge top with no backslpash
This top is made when there will be a different material for the backsplash
(tile or stainless steel).No frills just a simple top. Quick installation,lower cost in
fabrication. In most cases these tops must be tem plated.
Option #2

Square edge top with a loose backsplash
The splash is placed on top of countertop, usually after installation. There will
be a caulk line where backsplash and top meet. This top Is for kitchens that
may have uneven walls. Caulk line will need to be replaced a few years
after installation.
Self Edge Tops

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