This is where the countertop meets the wall. Its basic function is to
protect the wall from spills and splashes. Here at Countertops &
Cabinets Inc. we offer two styles of backsplashes.
Set on splash is where a 3\4" thick splash is set on top of the 
countertop and where the splash and the top of the countertop meets
there will be a silicone sealer applied.
Cove backsplash is where a continuous sheet of plastic laminate
rolls from the flat deck to the vertical splash. Ideally a coved splash
should be your splash of choice. It is by far the easiest to clean,
and it gives you much better water protection then a set on splash.

Please browse the pictures below to get an idea of what the back
splash options are.
The Backsplash
The Back Splash

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