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Laminate Countertops

High pressure plastic laminate is still one of the most common countertop surfaces in use today.Laminate countertops are easy to clean, very affordable and are available in a wide array of colors. Laminate tops are not scratch or heat resistant,but they are stain resistant. The normal life of A custom laminate top is between 10 to 15 years.(if you take care of your tops). All the major brands of laminates provide different finishes on there products (matte,sparkle,crystal,glossy,etchings and HD). Under-mount sinks are also an option with laminate countertops.We can put a stainless steel,Solid surface or a granite composite sink.Here at Countertops & Cabinets Inc. we offer four major brandsof high pressure laminates Formica, WilsonArt, Arborite and Pionite. We offer these four brands in 3 different applications.


1 - Self Edge Top

A Square edge top is where laminate is glued on a inch and half  medium density Fiber board (MDF). The front edge is glued first, then the top is applied. Making this type of countertop you will see a brown line on the 
front edge. 
Laminate comes in standard sizes the biggest being 60” by 144”. If your top is bigger than the laminate there will be a seam in your top. Seams areusually placed in the sink or cook top area.The corners can be radius or square.Normally  all outside corners will be radius.
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2 - Custom Edge Tops

Here at countertops & Cabinets Inc. We offer three different custom edge upgrades. These tops are  different from self edge tops in that 
there is a separate, pre-manufactured strip of beveled laminate ,wood edging or crescent round edge applied to the front. By upgrading your countertop edge you will be giving it a seamless or stone look. 
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3 - Post Form Tops

Countertops are prefabricated laminate tops. They have a rounded or rolled front and back splash. The tops are ordered in sections and corners are bolted together. There will be a 45 degree angle seam in the corners, and a 90 degree straight seam for runs over 12 foot. All laminate colors are available in post form tops. 
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Sq Edge Options

Square Edge Profile:

This is where a separate piece of laminate is applied vertically to the front edge of a countertop, and is the most common edge. The self edge looks uninspiring in profile, but it allows for great flexibility in countertop shapes. "S" shaped corners, full radius ends on peninsulas and islands, and other shapes are easier to make with a self edge top than on any other type of profile.

While a laminate countertop is strong, it can be scratched, cut, or chipped,especially on its edges. Knives or sharp utensils can slice or scratch the surface, so use a cutting board to chop and slice. Abrasive items can scratch the surface, so placemats are recommended to keep the finish fresh. Certain chemicals can stain a laminate surface, especially inks and dyes.

Laminate can also be scorched or separate from its substrate if exposed to temperatures above 150 degrees Fahrenheit. To protect against damage,place hot pans or dishes on a trivet or hot-mat. Laminate cannot be repaired. Some third-party seam-fill kits may make damage less noticeable cannot completely repair a piece that is damaged.

Below you will find information on different options of square edge tops.


Option #1

Square Edge top with no backslpash:
This top is made when there will be a different material for the backsplash (tile or stainless steel). No frills just a simple top. Quick installation, lower cost in fabrication. In most cases these tops must be templated.


Option #2

Square edge top with a loose backsplash:
The splash is placed on top of countertop, usually after installation. There will be a caulk line where backsplash and top meet. This top Is for kitchens that may have uneven walls. Caulk line will need to be replaced a few years after installation. 
See “THE BACKSPLASH” page for More info.


Option #3

Square edge top with a cove backsplash:
The laminate extends across the deck and continuously rolls up the face of the splash. The top of the splash is square. “L” shape and “U” shaped tops can usually be fabricated without seams. This top is the best of the three choices. These tops are excellent for almost all applications, particularly when sinks are part of the function. Advantages of this top is there is no ugly caulk line. If your walls are not straight there will be gaps on the top of the backsplash, where the wall and backsplash meet. 
See “THE BACKSPLASH” page for More info.

Custom Edge Top Options

Custome Edge Tops are different from self edge tops in that there is a separate,pre-manufactured strip of beveled laminate, wood or Crescent laminate edge applied to the front. While this provides an attractive front edge, there are some considerations that you must be aware of. Moisture penetration can destroy a countertop. Custom edge tops can not have radius corners. Instead it will have Miter corners. This tops also will have the appearance of a seamless edge and a stone look. These clean decorative edges offer practical upgrades for any laminate surface. 

Below are the three different edge upgrades we offer!


Option #1

Wood edge tops:
These tops have a 3/4” solid wood edge applied to the front edge. This edge Can have different edge profiles (bevel, bull nose, roman ogee ). Also this Edge is repairable if you get a scratch or nick in the edge. You can stain the Front edge to match your kitchen cabinets or floor. This edge will Have some maintenance. Every 5 to 7 years you will have to reseal the front Edge. Like a normal laminate Top the backsplash can be either loose or coved.
See “THE BACKSPLASH” page for More info.


Option #2

Bevel edge tops:
With bevel edge, your countertops front edge doesn’t show any of those familiar “Laminate-Lines” like you seen with normal self-edge (Square-Edge) tops. This edge helps create the illusion of real granite or solid surface top, at a small fraction of the granite price. The softer chamfered edge fives these countertops smoother lines. If you really want to make your top look like a stone or solid surface tops we can put this edge on top of the backspash. 
See “THE BACKSPLASH” page for More info.


Option #3

Crescent edge tops:
A Crescent Edge invites the eye and warms up decor with soft curves at top and bottom. A Crescent profile is the perfect finishing touch for your countertop, reflects your personal style, and can coordinate with other details from your home’s decor. It’s a beautiful look on a modest budget, a choice that feels as smart as it looks. If you really want to make your top look like a stone or Solid surface top we can put this edge on top of the backsplash.   
See “THE BACKSPLASH” page for More info.

Post Form Edge Options

This type of top was originally designed to provide a economical and quickly installed counter top for simple kitchens. The Post Form tops does have some limits on design and wall straightness and corners being somewhat square. A rounded edge is comfortable to lean on, as well as being less prone to nicks, water damage, and delamination. This advantage sometimes makes having the Mitered seam worthwhile.

Post Form  tops are like the ones you’ll find in a Home Center store, or lumberyard. In comparison to more customized tops their positive aspects are that they are inexpensive. The material used to make them is sometimes thinner, the wood is from inexpensive stock. If you have a “L” or “U” shape top there will be seams in the corner. You will see and feel the seam. These tops are limited in both sizes and design. These tops come in 8’,10’,12’ lengths. If you are looking for a top that will serve a limited purpose, or you need a "temporary" top on your cabinets then post form tops are the best choice.

Click on the buttons below and see specs and pictures of the different edge details.



Contemporaty, Postformed double radius edge can provide the slab effect of a solid surface or stone
Attractive focal point in kitchens and baths



Sleek styling of a 180 Edge 
Perfect for customers looking for a rounder profile
Popular choice for commercial applications



Eye-catching design with no-drip front edge
Classic no-drip edge strengthens the area and prevents gap from appearing between the particle board and the laminate



Classic,Postformed waterfall edge
1/2" Radius on waterfall edge and backsplsh provides a contemporary look



Double -waterfall ogee bended with sophistication of a full-wrap edge
Suitable for all residential,commercial,institutional, or light industrial applications



Striking edge contours add distinction and flair
Double-waterfall edge is perfect for classic and modern designs



Clean,attractive edge
subtle modern-drop ogee emanates understated class



Saphisticated and modern lines blend efforlessly into the slab like-profile. Pencil-line edge creates the authentic look of stone



Pencil-line edge creates the authentic look of stone
Full wrap design wraps around bottom edge for "slab" effect



Dramatic, gracefull countoured slope
Full-Wrap edge design for classic sophistication

The Backsplash

This is where the countertop meets the wall. Its basic function is to protect the wall from spills and splashes. Here at Countertops & Cabinets Inc. we offer two styles of backsplashes.

Cove backsplash is where a continuous sheet of plastic laminate rolls from the flat deck to the vertical splash. Ideally a coved splash should be your splash of choice. It is by far the easiest to clean, and it gives you much better water protection then a set on splash.

Set on backsplash is where a 3/4” thick splsh is set on top of the countertop and where the splash and the top of the countertopmeets there will be a silicone sealer applied. 

Please browse the pictures below to get an idea of what the back splash options are.


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